Monday, November 26, 2012

To Whomever It May Concern

Please send him my way
The champion
I've been waiting for him
The one who calls me his everything
Have you seen him?
I'm so tired of these so-called men
Their lies
The betrayal
I'm so over them
I'm waiting for his kiss
The one that makes my heart flutter
Makes me feel as though I matter
Does he have dark hair?
Light eyes?
Tanned skin?
I plead, have you seen him?
Is he out there?
Will my longing ever be answered?
He could wipe away my tears
when I’m sad
Make me laugh, when I'm mad
He would just understand
Please if you find him
Send him my way
Tell him I've been waiting
Every day I wonder
It will be such splendor
Where is my champion?

Poem from, In The Mirror

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I Was Meant To

The sun is bright
It hurts my eyes 
Everything feels different inside
My life has changed
It makes more sense
I was meant to have you 
You were meant to look in my eyes
I now know, what true love is

The clouds blanket the sky
It no longer hurts my eyes
My heart becomes yours 
I would do anything for you
I hope you understand 
I can't wait to see the woman you become
What your favorite things will be
That you'll come to me when you feel blue
I will wipe away your tears
It will always be ok 
I'll love your mistakes
I'll hold you when you fall

The stars shine in the sky
You'll always be mine
Eventually I'll let you go
For you to see the world
You'll reach for the stars
I hope you'll catch one 
You will always be beautiful in my eyes 
I was meant to be your mother
I was always meant to have you in my life

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

So This is What I'm Thinking

The working title will be, All Too Well. I have two main characters names Margaret "Maggie" and Devin. Not sure why I thought of Devin. But when I did look it up the meaning was Bard, Poet. So I think that's perfect. I have started with the Idea. I'm going to let it flow how it should. I won't rush it. But I will update with new information here. So keep checking for updates!

New Book ?

Thinking, Creating. That is what I'm doing. I need to get back to my passion. I've had such a huge writers block. But I need this.