Waiting For Me

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A Collection of Free Verse Poetry 
Published by Evolution Press

You Had To Go

I miss you
But you said you had to go
I miss you
I hope you really know
The tears stream down from my eyes
Hoping you'll be back again
I try not think
but I do
A connection that started
But what will happen?
You know my thoughts
You know my dreams
You know everything
But you've never met me
You say it's a connection that is
A dear friend I' am
But you left still
A promise you had to fulfill

I miss you
I wonder if you'll read this
I wonder if you'll come back
A few days
A week
A Month
It feels like forever
There’s nothing that I can do
I just miss your words
The comfort when your name appears
I wish you could truly hear
I go on with my day
No one could really understand
The way this feels
I'm mending my heart
That you helped heal

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