Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Teenage Life Re-Do

I just decided recently to rewrite my first book, A Teenage Life. I feel very deep down that it didn't get it's chance, like it should have. The publishing company I went through was a joke. Publish America, Please don't publish your books through them. They never gave me an editor and basically published it with like every error. It was a huge embarrassment to me. I felt my writing would be questioned, I wouldn't want anyone to pay $25 for a book like that. I wouldn't want to. So my contract is over soon, I made sure to tell them I would not renew. Since they do it automatically. This time I'm rewriting it and it's going to be so much better. I'll have an editor and i'll be publishing it by myself. It may just be exclusively on Kindle for the first 3 months. I haven't decided yet. I can't wait to share the re-write once it's done and edited.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Some Changes..

So.. some changes have happened in the last month. The publishing company I was under closed. So this gave me an opportunity to redo my books. I'm very happy with the new covers and the titles I chose. Seems way better when you can do everything yourself. I know I said previously I wasn't going to write books anymore but I have all these ideas. First I want to work on a book called [Ex] Boyfriend's. It's about a girl by the name of Lana whose alone at 30 and wonders why. So she goes back to stories from her past. I think It will be interesting! we shall see. Also, a series if I can get up to it. I need to write, writing is who I' am and I feel it's time. So hopefully this time I can finish!