Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Teenage Life Re-Do

I just decided recently to rewrite my first book, A Teenage Life. I feel very deep down that it didn't get it's chance, like it should have. The publishing company I went through was a joke. Publish America, Please don't publish your books through them. They never gave me an editor and basically published it with like every error. It was a huge embarrassment to me. I felt my writing would be questioned, I wouldn't want anyone to pay $25 for a book like that. I wouldn't want to. So my contract is over soon, I made sure to tell them I would not renew. Since they do it automatically. This time I'm rewriting it and it's going to be so much better. I'll have an editor and i'll be publishing it by myself. It may just be exclusively on Kindle for the first 3 months. I haven't decided yet. I can't wait to share the re-write once it's done and edited.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Some Changes..

So.. some changes have happened in the last month. The publishing company I was under closed. So this gave me an opportunity to redo my books. I'm very happy with the new covers and the titles I chose. Seems way better when you can do everything yourself. I know I said previously I wasn't going to write books anymore but I have all these ideas. First I want to work on a book called [Ex] Boyfriend's. It's about a girl by the name of Lana whose alone at 30 and wonders why. So she goes back to stories from her past. I think It will be interesting! we shall see. Also, a series if I can get up to it. I need to write, writing is who I' am and I feel it's time. So hopefully this time I can finish!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

There Comes A Time

There comes a time
there comes a place
When we realize this life is not a race
We should watch the flowers grow
Enjoy the laughter
Talk about the weather
Meaningless conversations
Mindless vacations 
A trip to another world 
One that is not your own

Theres a place we all envy
We just need the time
Stop watching the clock
Lay in the beauty of the world
Enjoy the music in your soul
The song that remind you of you 
The things we wish for
We can reach them
If given that single second

There comes a time 
Where we throw out everything 
we know 
To make new mistakes
To explore the days
To experience what an hour really is
To dance in the middle of nowhere
To remember who you truly are
What makes you a part of this world

There comes a time 
Where we need to get lost 
To enjoy what time has for us 
There comes a place
That is our sanctuary 
When we realize
Our lives mean something 
No one can take away
The music in your soul

Our Vow

Tell me you'll love me forever
that these eyes will never grow sad
That we will never leave each other mad
to always remember how we came together
How our love made a beautiful child
Remind me its ok to struggle
cause we have each other

Tell me you'll always see my beauty
That our words won't hurt
That we'll pick each other up
when we've fallen
We'll never leave each other behind
We'll keep our promises
That we will always say were sorry

I'll tell you how you saved me
you reached out to me
when I thought love didn't exist
You showed me what real happiness is
We've had our fights
But we always come back
You have nothing to prove

I'll tell you our laughter will never falter
Your warmth will never grow cold
That I'll be your calm
In the days of chaos we can't control
We will tell each other
our love will last forever
We'll hold each other
That we will remember
how we came together

Saturday, January 19, 2013

She Needs Me

Sometimes I just want to run away
Leave everything behind
I sometimes wonder
if I made the best decision
As her screams echo in my ears
I cry
I can't fix her pain
I'm not sure I could ever do this again

Sometimes I see the beauty
But other times I don't
I wish I could hide
But I won't
I can't run
She needs me
I'm her mom

When do we enjoy this?
She doesn't laugh
She doesn't smile
Everything seems to take awhile
She came into this world early
She had it harder, more than I know
She's more stronger then ill ever be

Sometimes I see the beauty
But other times I don't
I wish I could hide
But I won't
I can't run
She needs me
I'm her mom

Friday, January 18, 2013

So Hard To Find

I lost myself in you
I couldn't identify
Why would you do this?
Why couldn't you let me be me?
I lost myself
I'm so hard to find
I wish everything were true
In time I'll realize it was all you
You gave me something.
Something to hold on to

I lost myself in you
Everything seemed like a dream
A nightmare I came to see
I couldn't identify
The faces blurred
I'm bruised and burned
Where am I?
I'm so hard to find

I lost myself in you
Wherever you are
You left with a piece of me
How do I go back?
I'm just a reflection
Of what you made me
Pieces of you drop like tears
Where am I?
You knew my fears
You are so hard to find

Little Update

So I've decided to stop trying to write more books and focus just on my poetry. It pains me to come to that conclusion. I've had all these ideas and I'll start writing them. But never finish. Maybe it's not meant to be. I love writing and poetry will always be my #1. I'm going to work on my 3rd poetry book. Once I get to 40 I'll see if they will publish, if not ill do some form of self-publishing.