Thursday, February 7, 2013

Our Vow

Tell me you'll love me forever
that these eyes will never grow sad
That we will never leave each other mad
to always remember how we came together
How our love made a beautiful child
Remind me its ok to struggle
cause we have each other

Tell me you'll always see my beauty
That our words won't hurt
That we'll pick each other up
when we've fallen
We'll never leave each other behind
We'll keep our promises
That we will always say were sorry

I'll tell you how you saved me
you reached out to me
when I thought love didn't exist
You showed me what real happiness is
We've had our fights
But we always come back
You have nothing to prove

I'll tell you our laughter will never falter
Your warmth will never grow cold
That I'll be your calm
In the days of chaos we can't control
We will tell each other
our love will last forever
We'll hold each other
That we will remember
how we came together

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