Thursday, February 7, 2013

There Comes A Time

There comes a time
there comes a place
When we realize this life is not a race
We should watch the flowers grow
Enjoy the laughter
Talk about the weather
Meaningless conversations
Mindless vacations 
A trip to another world 
One that is not your own

Theres a place we all envy
We just need the time
Stop watching the clock
Lay in the beauty of the world
Enjoy the music in your soul
The song that remind you of you 
The things we wish for
We can reach them
If given that single second

There comes a time 
Where we throw out everything 
we know 
To make new mistakes
To explore the days
To experience what an hour really is
To dance in the middle of nowhere
To remember who you truly are
What makes you a part of this world

There comes a time 
Where we need to get lost 
To enjoy what time has for us 
There comes a place
That is our sanctuary 
When we realize
Our lives mean something 
No one can take away
The music in your soul

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