Monday, December 3, 2012

New Reviews!

In the Mirror by Melissa Darby

The work contained in Darby’s latest book of poetry is nothing short of intense. She allows the reader to peer into her heart and extends an invitation to share her pain, all with an intriguing use of analogy and symbolism. “I wait for the brush of your hand / To light the embers of my soul,” from Frost; and, “I watch the white lies / float / one by one,” a choice tidbit from What is Left of Me, are just two examples of Darby’s talent for metaphor. This book is not for the faint of heart. Darby pulls no punches. Her works are strong, soul-baring and completely and utterly extraordinary. Do not miss In the Mirror.

~ Icinia McIntosh

In the Mirror
Love creates and produces a magical feeling we all can relate to in this journey we call life . Your writings prompt us to an even higher level of intimacy . Theres a touch of emotion so thrilling ! Wonderfully written and a real tribute to the meaning we find being in love . A great read for those interested in knowing what it is to experience true bliss.
- Poet Moe Anthony